How to calculate age for MPSC exam ?

How you calculate your age to appear for MPSC exam. Do you know that MPSC don’t consider your own calculated age limit based on your date of birth and current date. ? you know ! well. If you don’t know then read this full post to get complete understanding with real-time examples.

how to calculate age for mpsc exam ?
how to calculate age for mpsc exam ?

So, lets gets started.

So, we will take example of Aspirant name called “MPSC BG” (Boy/Girl)

So, First we will take his Date of Birth….

And suppose his Date of Birth is 20 August 1996. (we want he/she should be eligible…)

And Today’s Date is 7 December 2018.

But, you know we don’t need Today’s date to calculate our age to qualify for MPSC exam.

So, how to calculate age for MPSC exam ? without Today’s date as well as without concerning Date of birth..

The answer is “To calculate the age for MPSC exam MPSC will Provide Standard Date for all the Aspirants to calculate their age with respect to that date. MPSC called it “वयोमर्यादा गणण्याचा दिनांक ” means date to calculate the age to become qualify for MPSC exam.

So, Conclusion is that we need “Date of Birth ” and “Date to calculate age”. So, these two date are important to calculate date for any government exam.

Based on these two date you will get your age limit for MPSC . one more thing is that  “वयोमर्यादा गणण्याचा दिनांक ” is not same for all the MPSC exams. It changes according to notification date, exam date etc.

Now, one more question “Where you will get “वयोमर्यादा गणण्याचा दिनांक “ ?”.

So, you know your date of birth which you will find it on 10th Certificate. One more thing “१० वी चे Certificate हे मार्क सोडून Date of Birth आणि नावासाठी वापरतात …

So, you will get your Actual Date of Birth from 10th Certificate even its wrong and is same all over documents, then you have to consider it permanent.. Wait… i will write post regarding this… because i have changed the name on the certificate (not mine). Process is same.

So, you will get your date of birth from 10th Certificate and “वयोमर्यादा गणण्याचा दिनांक “ will be available on the exam advertisement itself. So, after advertisement you will get it.

I will reveal lots of things here… you have to read it… but, now we will come first on our calculation.

So, According to our example called “MPSC BG”

Date of Birth: 20 August 1996

Consider “वयोमर्यादा गणण्याचा दिनांक “ : 1 February 2019.

Use this App from Play-store : Date Calculator by ng-labs (its very good)

So, in this Application you will go to the menu “Date to Date Calculator”…. and Select/Enter your Date Of Birth in Start Date text field and Enter वयोमर्यादा गणण्याचा दिनांक in End Date text field.

So, According to above details the age of our candidate called “MPSC BG” is 22 Years 5 Months 12 Days. So, here you will consider is as 23 Years. Ok !. Now you may ask why and How ? because “Age Calculation Date is Given by the Commission”  and according to that your age must not be less and must not be a greater than the given year. Not even single day.

So, by this method you can calculate your age with respect to your category.. I am not going to calculate it… otherwise i will be boring for me as well as for you.

One more thing, “वयोमर्यादा गणण्याचा दिनांक “ for Rajyaseva exam in 2019 exam it will be 1 February 2019 or 1 March 2019 or 1 April 2019 or even 1 January 2019. According to me it will be 1 February or 1 March. But i am not sure and i don’t care too … personally.. and you may.

Now, some of the your questions and my answers answers.

प्रश्न : माझे खरे वय 19 होते पण वयोमर्यादा गणण्याचा दिनांक नुसार 18 वर्षे आणि काही महिने दाखवते.. तर ?

Answer  : You are not eligible for This Year but you are definitely eligible for next year Rajyaseva but you may be eligible for ASO, STI,PSI, ESI, Tax Assistant, Clerk Typist etc. because वयोमर्यादा गणण्याचा दिनांक is not Applicable to all the exams its Applicable to only one exam.

प्रश्न : माझे खरे वय ३८ वर्ष आणि काही महिने आहे(पात्रतेच्या बाहेर ) पण वयोमर्यादा गणण्याचा दिनांक नुसार ३७ वर्ष आणि ११ महिने आणि १०-१२ दिवस आहे तर,  मी पात्र आहे का ?

Answer : Yes ! Even Your actual age is Greater than the eligibility age but according “वयोमर्यादा गणण्याचा दिनांक” its Less than 38 Years. Then , Also you are eligible.

प्रश्न : माझे वय बरोबर आहे पण पूर्व परीक्षा, मुख्य परीक्षा आणि निकाल लागेपर्यंत वय संपेल तर , Post वर घेतील का?   

Answer : Yes ! Forget about Prelim exam, main exam and interview as well as Result. You will be Eligible from Prelim exam to result. Even if your result get stuck in pending in court cases, late etc.

Thank you ! if you have any answer feel free to ask.. I am here to answer it.

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  1. i am from rajsthan wants to appear in mpsc but dont have domicile of maharashtra and dont have marathi in 10 th class as a subject. . am i ellilible for MPSC I am learning marathi help me to confirm. 7706802636

    • Yes ! You can appear for MPSC. But there are some conditions that you have to fulfill. i think you know it. So, if don’t know then For more information you can ask me on Instagram or facebook probably instagram.


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