MPSC CDPO EXAM Questions Papers and Answers Keys

नोट : प्रस्तुत परीक्षा रद्द समजण्यात यावी. ही पदे आता राज्य सेवा परीक्षेद्वारे भरण्यात येतील. Reference: राज्यसेवा प्रश्नपत्रिका- [ALL] MPSC Rajyaseva Questions Papers and Answers Keys MPSC CDPO Questions Papers …

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MPSC Notice – Providing Scan Images of Answer sheets of Objective Examinations in Candidates Profile

Now onwards from October 1 2020 MPSC Will Provide Certain Things in MPSC Profile as Given in The Below Notification. If You Have any Question Regarding This you can ask.