MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim Book List in Marathi

MPSC Rajyaseva Book List by Toppers

MPSC Rajyaseva preliminary exam books in Marathi
In this post you will get books for mpsc preliminary exam but they are not for free download. You may have MPSC Rajyaseva Study Material other than this so, no need to worry about it when you will get pass then share your list. Finally it’s mpsc reference books list in marathi and english given by mpsc toppers. If you have these mpsc rajyaseva books then also you can use it for other exams too.

MPSC Prelim Book list by Toppers

If you have alternative of any mpsc book then also it’s ok no need to buy another one.

mpsc rajyaseva preliminary exam books in marathi

Paper 1 (100 Questions – 200 Marks )(General Studies )

Current Affairs :

Daily Newspaper reading- Loksatta (Can also read English Newspaper the Hindu or Indian Express-
This will help in improving your Vocabulary
Monthly Magazine any one. ( Eg. Prithvi Parikrama/ Unique Bulletin / Dyandeep Express)

History :

History of India (Less Important)

Ancient India: RS Sharma (Buy Online-English) (Buy Online – Hindi)

Medieval India: Satish Chandra (Buy Online-English) (Buy Online- Hindi)

Modern India : Bipin Charda (Buy Online-English) (Buy Online- Hindi)

History of Maharashtra (Most Important)

State Board Class 11th

History of Modern Maharashtra -By S. S. Gathal (Buy Online)

Geography :

All NCERT Geography Books
All State Board Books
G C Leong (Buy Online)
Geography of Maharashtra – Nirali Publication (Buy Online)
Oxford Student Atlas for Mapping (Buy Online)

Polity :

Indian Polity By M Laxmikant (Buy Online) (Buy Online-Hindi) OR
Indian Constitution and Governance By Ranjan Kolambe (Buy Online)
Panchayat Raj – Kishor Lavate  (Dhyandeep Publication) (Buy Online)

Economy :

Deepstambh Spardha Pariksha Arthashastra 1 (Economics) By Kiran Desale (Buy Online)
Ranjan Kolambe Economics book (Buy Online)

Environment :

Shankar IAS book (For English readers) (Buy Online)
पर्यावरण परिस्थितीकी by Tushar Ghorapade Sir (Unique Academy publication) (Buy Online)

General Science :

NCERT 6th to 10th Standard
State Board 6th to 10th Standard
Lucent General Knowledge (Buy Online)

मुख्य परीक्षेच्या   Book List साठी खालील लिंक वर जा :

लिंक : MPSC Exam Mains Book List by MPSC Topper

Paper 2 (100 Questions – 200 Marks )(CSAT )

For Reading Comprehension- MPSC Rajyaseva Purv Pariksha.
• CSAT Comprehension (Dhyandeep Publication)-By Mahesh Shinde Sir
• MPSC CSAT Simplifide (Dhyandeep Publication)- By Ajit Thorbole Sir
• For Aptitude- R S Aggrawal- Quantitative Aptitude
• Logical Reasoning- R S Aggrawal – Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning (Selective topics)

Finally if you have these mpsc prelim books then great and if you have other mpsc prelim books then also great. Books are not important, study and practice is more important.So This MPSC Rajyaseva Study Material will help a lot for other examinations too. This MPSC Rajyaseva book list is only MPSC Reference books list in marathi and english means this is not official books for mpsc preliminary exam, you may read other books too to prepare mpsc exam.
Share this mpsc rajyaseva book list with yourself or with your friends.
Lastly if you are still searching mpsc books in marathi for free download then stop it buy these types of standard mpsc Books and read carefully without wasting time.

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