Interview of MPSC Chairman on Candidates Demands in MPSC Morcha 2018

Welcome to MPSC Material Website. In This post we will discuss about recent interview of Chairperson V.N More. This interview is related to MPSC Morcha 2018. So, In This post we will discuss the some of the points told by V. N More who is the current chairman of MPSC.

Note: Below you will find only those points which I know by watching interview. So, you can comment others points below the post.

MPSC Morcha Demands and their answers by MPSC Chairman
MPSC Demands and their answers by MPSC Chairman.

More Vacancies in MPSC Exam 2018. (जास्त जागा.)

So, currently we have MPSC advertisement of 2018 with 69 vacancies. In Interview they told that “there is pattern of increasing vacancies before the mains exam”. So this is explicit statement regarding more posts in MPSC Rajyaseva exam 2018. Finally you have to wait for mains notification. That’s it.

Bio-metric Attendance in MPSC Exams

This is also not sure. But they have told that we will start. But they have told more about AADHAR Linking with MPSC Profile in MPSC Online. They have told that MPSC is the number one Commission in the India for transparency. Basically its true if you are aware about other commissions in the India.

ASO-STI-PSI Separate Exam

Not single world has told by Chairman. It may be not good for other candidates but overall its good. If you don’t know the advantages of this combined exam then read the official information about this exam.

Read these two notifications:

Changes in Exam process 1st Notification

Changes in exam Process 2nd Notification

Mobile Jammer बसवणार पण .. निधी कमी.

They told that “there are only two companies in the government sector so, there is monopoly in the government industry for this and if we will implement it for everywhere then it will cost extra more than 500 Rs fee per student for exam (if there are 5-6 papers) ”

Finally, they will manage it in Mains exam. Its confirm, so you will not find jammers in at least preliminary exam for all or some of the centers.

you can check price of Mobile Jammers:  Mobile Jammers Price in India

बारकोड बद्दल — ते तर आधीच आहे. पण ते QR code चा विचार करत आहेत.

Demand related to Bar code in Answers sheet. They told that “we are already using it and we are thinking about QR Code technology for the future.”

Dummy Racket In MPSC Exams

They told that “this was popular in district level exams but recently there are cases in MPSC Exams too.” So, Essence “it’s bad practice and it must be stopped”

They have told more information about blacklist too.

you can read more about Blacklist What is Blacklist in MPSC? And How to Avoid it?

They have suggested you to read the notice published by MPSC On 3 may notification by MPSC

Talathi Bharti, GramSevak Bharti by MPSC

About this demand they have told that we cant do anything regarding this because its depends on that body who conducts those exams and if they want to transfer it to MPSC. So in sense MPSC is ready but MPSC Cant do anything its depends on Government and that particular body who conducts these exams like Talathi Bharti, GramSevak Bharti Etc.

तामिळनाडू pattern होता पण तो त्यांनी बंद केलेला आहे….आता तसे नाही

Regarding tamilnadu pattern they have told that “We have analyzes that pattern and we know that its not operational in tamilnadu at all and its not possible too” So, Forget it.

आम्हीपण वेळापत्रक देतो पण….जर मागणीपत्र नाही आले तर आम्ही काही नाही करू शकत…..

Regarding Calendar of exam they have told that “we maintain it from our side but if we do not get vacancies from that department for that particular exam then its difficult to follow the calendar”. So, This is true . because we know that its all depends on government department  to send the letter of vacancies to  MPSC then only MPSC Will be able to Published the advertisement for that exam.

How you will feel if MPSC Will publish only advertisement of exam without posts?

So , this is all about important points only regarding MPSC. I haven’t told you basics points which are not required.

So this all information is not word-to-word and is based on my memory. So whenever video will get published on YouTube I will give you link of that video here below and by watching that you can add more in the comment. Thanks

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Video Regarding MPSC Andolan 2018

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