ASO- STI-PSI Prelim 2017 Analysis

Welcome to MPSC material and in this post we will discuss about ASO-STI-PSI Prelim 2017. before that see the marks distribution of this prelim

This is distribution of marks in ASO_STI_PSI Prelim 2017. if you will see the distribution of marks then we can draw line that there is equal distribution of marks amongst all subjects.

Lets see the analysis of standard of questions.

Now, see standard of questions, here we can say there are one line questions, two statements questions, three statements questions, four statements questions, match the pairs questions  4 entities questions, general mental ability questions etc.

See the each and every question with topic, type and standard of questions

Question No. Topic Type Standard
1 Polity One line Easy
2 Current Affairs One line Easy
3 Polity 3 Statements Medium
4 Current Affairs One line Easy
5 Current Affairs One line Easy
6 Current Affairs One line Easy
7 Current Affairs 3 Statements Hard
8 Polity 2 Statements Medium
9 Current Affairs One line Medium
10 Current Affairs One line Easy
11 Current Affairs 3 Statements Medium
12 Current Affairs One line Easy
13 Polity 4 Entities Medium
14 Polity One line Easy
15 Polity 2 Statements Medium
16 Current Affairs One line Medium
17 Current Affairs One line Easy
18 Current Affairs One line Medium
19 Polity Assertion and Reason Medium
20 Current Affairs 2 Statements Medium
21 Polity 4 Statements Medium
22 Polity 3 Statements Hard
23 Current Affairs One line Easy
24 Current Affairs One line Hard
25 Polity 4 Statements Medium
26 History One line Medium
27 History One line Medium
28 History One line Easy
29 History Match Pairs Hard
30 History One line Medium
31 History One line Easy
32 History One line Medium
33 History One line Hard
34 History One line Easy
35 History 4 Entities Hard
36 History One line Easy
37 History One line Medium
38 History One line Medium
39 History 4 Entities Hard
40 History One line Medium
41 Geography One line Hard
42 Geography One line Easy
43 Geography One line Hard
44 Geography One line Medium
45 Geography One line Medium
46 Geography Match Pairs Medium
47 Geography 4 Entities Medium
48 Geography 3 Statements Hard
49 Geography One line Medium
50 Geography Match Pairs Hard
51 History One line Medium
52 Geography One line Medium
53 Geography One line Medium
54 Geography 4 Statements Medium
55 Geography One line Hard
56 Geography 4 Statements Hard
57 Economy One line Medium
58 Economy One line Hard
59 Economy One line Medium
60 Economy 3 Statements Hard
61 Economy 3 Statements Hard
62 Economy One line Hard
63 Economy 4 Statements Hard
64 Economy One line Hard
65 Economy One line Medium
66 Economy 2 Statements Hard
67 Economy One line Hard
68 Economy One line Easy
69 Economy 4 Statements Hard
70 Economy 2 Statements Hard
71 Science One line Medium
72 Science One line Easy
73 Science One line Hard
74 Science One line Medium
75 Science One line Hard
76 Science One line Hard
77 Science One line Easy
78 Science One line Medium
79 Science One line Medium
80 Science One line Easy
81 Science One line Easy
82 Science One line Easy
83 Science One line Easy
84 Science One line Medium
85 Science One line Easy
86 GMA Coding/Decoding Easy
87 GMA Decoding Medium
88 GMA Series Easy
89 GMA Decoding Easy
90 GMA Series Medium
91 GMA Maths Easy
92 GMA Decoding Medium
93 GMA Series Easy
94 GMA Decoding Medium
95 GMA Decoding Hard
96 GMA Maths Easy
97 GMA Series Medium
98 GMA Series Medium
99 GMA Decoding Easy
100 GMA Decoding Easy

Table : MPSC ASO-STI-PSI Prelim 2017 (SET A)

Now you know the distribution of the questions, and the type of questions and standard of questions.

One thing i want to tell you that the standard of question may vary person to person but by analysing the question and the options and the location or the area of the question you may find it easy, medium, hard. infact someone will say all questions are easy or medium or hard depending on the knowledge of that person. so my distribution is the basic distribution by me.

Now see the actual type of questions and standard.

One line Questions : 59 Questions

Two Statements Questions : 5 Questions

Three Statements Questions : 7 Questions

Four Statements questions : 6 Questions

Match The Pairs : 3 Questions

General Mental Ability : 15 Questions

Assertion and Reason : 1 Questions

Four Entities : 4 Questions

Now By reading the above things we can say that the paper was easy to medium and there are 59 one line questions and there are different types of questions and we haven’t distributed general mental ability questions by the types of questions.

so, statement based questions are less than the one line questions and those questions are also distributed by the 2 statements questions , 3 statements questions and the 4 statements question.

and there is only one question on Assertion and Reason and that was simple.

and if you want to tell more by analysing all above content then feel free to comment on this post and do share your things on this post.

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so this was the short analysis of MPSC ASO-STI-PSI Prelim 2017.

Thanks for reading the post and best of luck for your result. and keep in mind that do not disrupt your study by the prelim marks so start preparing for mains exam if you haven’t prepared it before the prelim. and if you want to prepare for next year then this is right time for mains preparation and you can test yourself with this years mains papers in your home itself.

Thank You !

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