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Welcome to the MPSC Material Website. In This Post, you will find MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim Cut Off of Pasts Years with some details about the number of posts recruited in that year, in the future i may include category-wise posts per year, but your target should be above all. means try to get marks as much as more than the cut off any category to secure your position to get selected for the mains exam for sure.
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MPSC Prelim Cut Off 2022

सूचना : राज्य सेवा पूर्व परीक्षा-२०२२ , २१ ऑगस्ट २०२२ ला नियोजित आहे. त्यात असा बदल झाला आहे की, Cut Off हा पेपर १ च्या २०० गुणांपैकी लागेल. पण, २०० गुणांचा पेपर २ CSAT हा Qualifying केला आहे. म्हणजे तुम्हाला पेपर २ CSAT मध्ये २०० पैकी किमान ६६ गुण मिळवणे अनिवार्य (Compulsory) आहे. अन्यथा तुमचा Cut Off साठी विचार केला जाणार नाही.

Download: MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim 2022 Result PDF

MPSC Prelim Cut-Off 2021

Result PDF: MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim 2021 Result PDF

MPSC Prelim Cut Off 2020

MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim 2020 Cut Off

MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim 2020 Result PDF

Download: MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim 2020 Result PDF

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MPSC Prelim Cut Off 2019

या Page वर MPSC राज्यसेवा पूर्व परीक्षेच्या सर्व Cut Offs आहेत.
इतर परीक्षांच्या सर्व Cut Offs (ASO, STI,PSI, ESI, Tax Assistant, Clerk Typist) खालील दिलेल्या Page वर आहेत.

Page Link : MPSC All Exams Cut Offs

MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim 2019 Cut Off
MPSC Prelim 2019 Cut Off

Result: You Can Check Your Roll Number in the Following PDF. If it’s Present then You are Qualified. if not then You are Not Qualified. Ok ! exam was conducted for 431 posts.

MPSC Prelim Cut Off 2018

MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim 2018 Cut Off

So, For 2018 There was Advertisement for 136 Posts. here i haven’t considered posts of prelim advertisement. because, cut off is going to be based on the mains advertisement. so, if there is increment of posts in the mains notification then they will publish cut off with respect to that notification. 

MPSC Prelim Cut Off 2017

MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim 2017 Cut Off

So, For 2017 there was Advertisement for 377 according to mains exam notification. and from this year you will find increase in the cut off, because of various reasons. the main reason of increasing the cut off is the increased age limit for exam and another one was related to less number of posts. but here you may tell that there are limited number of posts, but these time the paper was little bit easy. so, more candidates with paper towards medium level.

MPSC Prelim Cut Off 2016

MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim 2016 Cut Off

So, This year (2016) the mains advertisement was for only 135 Posts. and paper was towards difficulties. hence, there may be less cut off with high competition level. and these time the age limit was normal (maximum 33 for General Category and With respect to others category according to the rule.) 

MPSC Prelim Cut Off 2015

MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim 2015 Cut Off

This time, the Advertisement for MPSC Rajyaseva Exam 2015 was for 366 Posts and the cut off was also low with respect to the posts. so, you can imagine that there is no rule of maximum marks you can think before attempting the paper of exam without knowing the paper well.

MPSC Prelim 2014 Cut Off

MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim 2014 Cut Off

This time the Advertisement for MPSC Rajyaseva Exam 2014 was 435 which is generally more than the average trends. and here you will find the word “Revised”. here, the Meaning of Revised in MPSC is the Whenever the MPSC gets letter from the departments with adding additional posts and those posts are going to be recruited in this exam only but before the adding the additional posts if MPSC publishes the result of Cut Off with Old Posts and So, candidates with respect to those posts  will be less with specified ratio of candidates to be selected for mains exam. so, after additional posts they have to pass some additional candidates to appear for mains exam. so, they makes changes with respect to candidates and do changes the cut off of exam too which is usually less than the original.

MPSC Prelim 2013 Cut Off

MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim 2013 Cut Off

First, i want to tell you that i have made changes in the above images. because of unavailability of original pdf.

So, This year the advertisement for MPSC Rajyaseva exam was for 354 posts. and cut off was also competitive and high as same as nowadays.

One more thing, you should know that about these year. that is, the newly introduced the pattern in the MPSC Rajyaseva Exam.

So, Now i will not share the old cut off of MPSC Prelim 2012, 2011 etc. but i want to tell you the number of posts for respective years as follows :

MPSC Rajyaseva 2012 Advertisement : Total 424 Posts

MPSC Rajyaseva 2011 Advertisement : Total 290 Posts

MPSC Rajyaseva 2011 Advertisement : Total 126 Posts

That’s it for today. and in future you will find MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim Cut Off of incoming years in this page itself, because its good to see the same things on one page without wasting time to find additional in another posts etc.

One more thing is you can check the cut off of mains is also available on MPSC Cut Off page  . Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hii sir,
    plese tell me about selection process .i mean how to select candidate for Naib Tehsildar
    Marks wise /or any other type.

    • Hello Deepali,
      Naib Tehsildar comes under rajya seva exam.
      Suppose, you have applied for rajyseva prelim exam then you will pass the prelim and there will be one cut off for all and then you will be eligible to mains exam.
      In mains exam you have to score more marks to get your preferred post.
      For eg. Naib tehsildar is almost last post in rajyaseva so, before interview mpsc will ask you to give the preference of post. For eg you want Naib Tehsildar then you will select it at first position in such way they will consider you want naib tehsildar post and if not you will be given any post based on your marks or else you will fail.


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