MPSC PSI STI ASO Prelim Book List

Welcome to MPSC Material website. This is series of MPSC Books and in this post we will discuss and will make MPSC Books list for MPSC Subordinate Services Prelim Exam (ASO-STI-PSI Combined Prelim Exam Book List)


महाराष्ट्र दुय्यम सेवा अराजपत्रित गट-ब पूर्व परीक्षा

Current Affairs  

Loksatta / Maharashtra Times Newspapers

The Hindu/ Indian Express Newspapers

One Good Current Affairs Magazine

So above things you can refer for current affairs and if you are not reading newspapers regularly then you must follow the magazines and for these exams newspapers are not that important so suggestion is read one Good Current Affairs magazine(here i haven’t mentioned the names because there are tons of magazine in market which are good.

How to Prepare ? …. Coming soon.


भारताची राज्यघटना आणि प्रशासन –रंजन कोळंबे.[Buy Online]OR

Indian Polity – M Laxmikant. .(English)  [Buy Online] OR

So, civics comes under polity so you have to read polity books according to syllabus and past years questions. so , above books are suggested and for more you may find books for mains preparation because ASO Mains exam syllabus is mainly Polity based.

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आधुनिक महाराष्ट्राचा इतिहास- एस.एस गाठाळ. [Buy Online] OR

आधुनिक महाराष्ट्राचा इतिहास- अनिल कठारे . [Buy Online]

For preparation of history you can refer these books. So, the first book is small and thin where as second book is big and thik. According to your choice you can read anyone of them. And specially 11th standard state board book is also important.

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Maharashtracha Bhugol A. B. Savadi [Buy Online] OR

Maharashtracha Bhugol K. A. Khatib [Buy Online]

One Good Map Book –

Nirali Publication Map [Buy Online] (only Maharashtra Maps)

Oxford Student Atlas for India [Buy Online] (Good for Indian State Maps) OR

The Orient BlackSwan Atlas for Competitive Exams [Buy Online] (Good For Word Map)

For Geography, You can use these books and map books are optional but that nirali publication map book is good for maharashtra maps(Contains almost everything ) and if you are preparing for other exams then according to subject needs you can refer your map book. I have given tips in brackets.

How to Prepare ? …. Coming soon.




भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था – रंजन कोळंबे. .[Buy Online]

पुस्तकपालन व लेखाकर्म (इयत्ता ११ वी)

How to Prepare ? …. Coming soon.

For Economy , you can refer these books the first two are costly but are colorful and good to understand. Second one is also good but suggestion is go with first two. Everything from first two books is not important but all topics are not in one books. And 4th book is also recommended.

General Science

State Board Books(Selective)

NCERT Books(Selective)

General Science plays more important role in exams like MPSC Rajyaseva Prelim so, if you are preparing for that exam too then prepare it well and prepare it in general means prepare static part not current affairs science and technology part. You will get to know after reading papers.

How to Prepare ? …. Coming soon.

Intelligence test and Arithmetic

बुद्धिमत्ता चाचणी- अनिल अंकलगी .[Buy Online]

संपूर्ण गणित – स्पर्धा परीक्षा – पंढरीनाथ राणे .[Buy Online]

See, for these whatsoever books you will read that’s not going to give back anything without practicing it on your notebook so suggestion is that solve the types of questions which are asked in last years papers. Try to solve the past papers of all MPSC Competitive exams you will get to know that topics are repeating year by year and you are reading books without solving.

How to Prepare ? …. Coming soon.

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Mains Exam Book List with acts for each post in Marathi is also ready to share but adding information with it is very useful so wait for it… only i am concern about the Class 3 Services ESI Exam Acts … So, thank.

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