About Us

          hi I am Vishal and I live near Mumbai. And most of you would know me on social media so I have created this website for you guys and I hope you will get some information from this website. We know that most of the students are unaware about mpsc exam and they only know that there is mpsc exam but they don’t know that there are multiple exams in Maharashtra public service commission so I have created this website for them who want true information about any exam. In this website I will share information about all competitive examinations conducted by mpsc like syllabus, eligibility etc. so you will think this is not that important because its available on mpsc website but by considering all available information on mpsc website I will try something different and something new. So keep visiting this website. I will make it easier to all of you because I know the some of the difficulties face by lots of students but being a student with technical knowledge I will make it something techy and something new.

#seeSomethingTechy #seeSomethingNew